Visually Minded: Drawing and Presenting Ideas as Sketchnotes

An Interview with Jonny Daenen

Visual thinker and Sketchnoter Jonny Daenen shares techniques for drawing and organizing graphic presentations and sketchnotes for ideas you are passionate about.

“Pouring your information into a visual representation has the benefit of making ideas tangible. It motivates people to have a conversation or discussion about it. It’s also a lot easier to spread information this way, as pictures have the power to create a lasting impression within an instant.”

Jonny Daenen — My background lies in Big Data. I got my Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2016, after focusing on big data systems for several years. Currently, I am a Cloud data engineer at a marketing automation company. It’s incredible to think about the vast amounts of data we generate daily and all the things we can do with it. I see myself as someone who designs and builds solutions for creating value from this enormous pool of data.

I love learning about technology and then applying or spreading the knowledge. The latter is something I’ve picked up during my time as a teaching assistant. It’s a great feeling when you are able to teach new concepts to people who are eager to learn. At the same time, when you explain an idea to someone else, you’d better make sure you understand it thoroughly first! During my career, I’ve discovered that visualizations are a key component in teaching, discussing, and pitching ideas. It helps me to understand what’s going on and transfer information to someone else.

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