The Design Life of a Paperless Architect

An Interview with Architect Craig Burns

Architect Craig Burns shares his paperless design workflow on iPad in our Architectural Design Q&A.

We first released this interview with Craig Burns in May 2017. He has been an excellent support for our team and we recently asked if we could update and reshare the article. He immediately turned around updated screenshots and a revised wishlist, yet the workflow he shared originally is still completely relevant and going strong. Craig is still creating meaningful design solutions without paper. Updated April 2021. — The Concepts Team

Since starting to use the iPad Pro, my overall process is still very much the same, but it has become more streamlined and effectively paperless.

Craig BurnsI’m a Practice Director at BVN in Sydney, Australia. We are an Architecture / Design practice with about 350 staff spread across Sydney, Brisbane, London and New York. We do a wide range of project types from individual houses to large scale hospitals, taking in almost everything in between (office buildings, workplace, schools, universities, laboratories, residential, sports, defence etc.). If you want to get a better idea of what we do, the best bet is to look at BVN’s website.

I studied at The Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow and worked in London (at SOM, KPF, Koetter Kim) for about 9 years before moving to Sydney nearly 25 years ago and joining BVN.

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