The Art of Storyboarding

An Interview with Illustrator Mimi Chao

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Tell us about you — what you do, what your passions are… What is your work as a professional creator and what influences your creativity?

I am an illustrator and story-maker based in downtown Los Angeles. I’m passionate about storytelling and creating work that makes someone feel better or think deeper, but in a simple or light-hearted way. I am fascinated by many forms of design, technology, philosophy and nature, and a lot of that inspiration is reflected in what I do.

My main focus these days is developing my studio, Mimochai. We create story-driven products that encourage wonder and adventure. We recently finished a successful Kickstarter campaign to produce our first storybook, , which I’m really excited about! Our supporters helped raise nearly 400% of our goal, allowing us to explore animation and interactivity with the story. In addition, I do freelance creative work for clients ranging from story and character development to custom illustrations.

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From storyboard to completion: Mimi’s first book for Mimochai. Learn more about the book, including how to pre-order, here.

Infinite, flexible sketching for your ideas · iPad & iPhone | Windows 10 | Android & Chrome OS

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