The Art of Storyboarding

An Interview with Illustrator Mimi Chao

Mimi Chao is a storyteller and illustrator with magical ideas that resonate with the deepest parts of our human experience. She uses Concepts to create storyboarding layouts when working on books or illustrating for clients, and we’re privileged to have her tell about her process in our interview.

Tell us about you — what you do, what your passions are… What is your work as a professional creator and what influences your creativity?

I am an illustrator and story-maker based in downtown Los Angeles. I’m passionate about storytelling and creating work that makes someone feel better or think deeper, but in a simple or light-hearted way. I am fascinated by many forms of design, technology, philosophy and nature, and a lot of that inspiration is reflected in what I do.

My main focus these days is developing my studio, . We create story-driven products that encourage wonder and adventure. We recently finished a successful Kickstarter campaign to produce our first storybook, Let’s Go Explore, which I’m really excited about! Our supporters helped raise nearly 400% of our goal, allowing us to explore animation and interactivity with the story. In addition, I do freelance creative work for clients ranging from story and character development to custom illustrations.

From storyboard to completion: Mimi’s first book for Mimochai. Learn more about the book, including how to pre-order, .

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