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An Interview with Graphic Designer Franz Escolastico

Graphic Designer Franz Escolastico shares how she creates unique brand and web solutions for clients.

“All of my clients have different preferences when it comes to their brand…. I always make sure that each one of their designs will be distinct and include their unique goals and visions.”

Franz Escolastico — Hello! I’m Franz Escolastico, a graphics / web designer and developer based here in the Philippines. I’ve been in love with designs since I was a kid. I have a big curiosity about colors and elements that I always see in magazines, movies, commercials, and my surroundings. I think that’s the reason why I have a burning passion for creating new designs, particularly in logos and websites.

I do freelance work as a graphic / web designer and developer to clients and companies worldwide, for almost 8 years already and counting! Aside from working, I enjoy creating posts on my social mediums such as Instagram and Facebook. I also share tips, tutorials, and product/tech reviews on my YouTube channel. It’s really fun and I enjoy doing those things and interacting with people online.

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