Nature Gadget: a Biological Approach to Technology of the Future

A Project by Architect Umair Zia

Concept drawing illustrating the car frame as a nature gadget.
A building façade that keeps thermal comfort in all conditions, inspired by bull kelp. Kelp responds structurally to multiple environmental conditions at once. This alternative architecture adjusts itself dynamically to changing climate conditions both within and without the building.
A shoe sole that speeds up the pace, inspired by the springtail. The springtail’s fork-like body parts unhook when jumping, releasing a huge amount of tension as they launch into the air. This mechanism can be mimicked in shoes and tuned with an app on an Apple Watch.
An unmanned aircraft which can dodge lasers, inspired by the moth. A moth’s natural predator is the bat. To dodge an attack, the moth emits its own radar that deranges the bat’s frequency. At the same time, the moth’s anatomy supports a flight pattern with negative-stability.
A water-resistant blouse, inspired by the Titan Arum blossom. Made from waterproof materials similar to Gore Tex 3, AeroTech and N2R, this blouse tightens its threads to seal the body from rain and give warmth.
A wheel which turns without turning, inspired by the water flea. The handlebar traditionally turns a wheel on a motorbike, but riding a stallion (or a flea) is more immersive. We can connect a wheel to respond to the human mind and heartbeat.

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