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One cool thing about Make Your Own Objects (or MYOO, which cracks us up to say) is, well, you get to make your own objects. Anything you draw, anything you want to collect, anything you want right at your fingertips for those quick, personal iterations — is now available. Infinite libraries worth, if you want. It’s available for in-app purchase.

The other thing we decided would be cool, considering Apple’s iOS10 iMessage upgrades, was if you could take any object from the Object Library — including your personal libraries — and turn them into a Sticker. Make Your Own Stickers, anyone? Let creativity and expression flow!

It’s easy to get started.

First, though, open up Concepts and draw something.

One of our most excellent in-house designers, Lasse Pekkala from Finland…

… drew this adorable Forest Creature named Maud. Maud grew this backstory in the process...

… and now, Maud is exploring the grand new world, with all its ups and downs and strange and interesting moments. (Including your Object Library, if you want.)

Here’s how Lasse went about making Maud into an object library, and what you can do to make your own object library.

1) Tap the Object Library icon on the toolbar.

2) If you’ve used the Object Library before, touch the “More” option on the object toolbar and bring up the Object store. If you haven’t used the Library, the store will simply appear. Redeem two credits (or around $3.99USD) for Make Your Own Objects.

Touch the “New” button in the top right corner of the store. This will make you a brand new, empty library. It will look like this:

3) Select your drawing.

4) Just tap the PLUS (+) button on the library menu. Or you can drag it onto the button. The original selection will scurry right back to where it was before you dragged it.

It’s now saved as an object. If you want to name your object, tap-and-hold it, and touch the “A” button on the popup. Enter your object’s name. Naming your object helps you search for it later.

Pro Tip: If you plan to use a lot of the same object, we recommend merging your strokes into the same layer before creating the object, as single layer objects are generally more efficient. If you drag a single-layer object onto the canvas, it’ll stay in your current active layer. If you drag in a multi-layer object, new layers will be created for every object you use.

If you decide the object doesn’t belong in the library after all, tap-and-hold and select the trash bin. You can Cancel if you hit the wrong button.

Drag as many objects into the library as you want.

That’s it! Go ahead and drag your new object back out of the library and illustrate your sketch.

Sync is still in the plans, but if you’ve designed objects on one device that you’d like to use on another, Export your drawing using “Share Drawing Link” (it will copy the link to your main clipboard), and email or text yourself the link. Tap that link and it will open up Concepts, with your objects on screen ready to pull into a library.

Creating iMessage Stickers

You can also decorate your text messages with your objects, using iOS10’s iMessage.

1) Allow iMessage to use Concepts. Apple has a handy how-to here.

2) Tap one of the Libraries at the top of the Sticker menu.

3) Tap a Sticker and send it!

Ready to make? Have a great time designing your Objects and Stickers, and please share your designs! We love to share them back.

New to Concepts? Download it here. Questions? Watch our video tutorial above, email us at “concepts at tophatch dot com” or find us on your favorite social network. Just tag #conceptsapp!

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Lasse Pekkala is a Finnish industrial designer |maker |art aficionado.
Written by Erica Christensen — writer | illustrator |designer at TopHatch.

Infinite, flexible sketching for your ideas · iPad & iPhone | Windows 10 | Android & Chrome OS

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