Hi Steve, thanks for trying the tutorial, and great questions. Basically, the Filled Stroke tool follows and fills your line until you lift your stylus off the screen. So if you draw your line, then without lifting the pen, trace back along it to your initial starting point, it will draw a “filled line” as your shape. As you draw the first direction, you’ll definitely see the line fill into the leaf’s full shape, but as you go back the other way (again, without lifting your stylus), it will minimize back down again, leaving you with just the area filled inside the boundaries of the line you drew. I like it for the organic feel you get… this image was created with only Filled Stroke, too.

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As for the multiple fill brushes on my wheel, I get impatient with switching colors back and forth on a tool, so if I don’t need many brush types in my drawing, I’ll set each tool as a fill as I go, each with one color, and just switch back and forth with a tap. Then I don’t have to worry about searching through colors or color picking each time (though I do use the picker a lot with other drawings, especially the tag over it that remembers the original tool).

On this note, one of the helpful tricks I like to use is how Concepts “remembers” the parameters of the last drawing you used, and sets its tools / paper / configuration etc to those last used when starting a new drawing. By tapping on a drawing I created with a setup similar to what I want now (or a pre-made blank “template” drawing), then exiting back to the gallery, I can start a new drawing and everything is ready to go, I only had to do the work once. If you’re experimenting in one drawing but need to go back to a design workflow, for example, you don’t have to reconfigure everything.

Hope that helps. If you have any other questions, let me know! Thanks again.

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