Drawing from Inspiration — Iron Man

An Interview with Freelance Artist Cory Siewert

Freelance artist Cory Siewert shares how he draws Iron Man with digital Copic markers in Concepts.

I tend to draw my creative efforts from things that really inspire me. Anything can do it really — a fun sign, architecture, colors, characters, etc.

Cory Siewert- I grew up in a house full of musical and artistic talent. I can relate to Alain Passard in his quote during his “Chef’s Table France” episode where he says something along the lines of “I had a family where gestures of ‘the hand’ were everywhere.” My family is musical — it creates, or sings or writes — and not just mechanically so, but there is a true gifting about the way they do it.

My current line of work is actually in Specialty Coffee. I love it. Though my work in it is not in a capacity where I draw at all. I am hoping that changes in the future!

How did you get into drawing, and how do you approach your creative learning?

Drawing is something I’ve always done, whether it be doodling or drawing for varying forms of contract work. I remember in school as a second grader getting in trouble for some elaborate drawing of a hockey goalie I had done because for whatever reason — and I still don’t know why to this day — but I was told by my teacher that “it was a perfect example of what not to do.” That stung at the time, because I am sure I did it with elaborate effort. I laugh now, ha ha!

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