Draw A City-Scape

Part 1 : Lines

Familiar view? I took this from the observation deck of the Empire State Building.
This brush is the acrylic brush we made in this tutorial. Any brush will work with this technique, though — pick a style that appeals to you.
A painterly set of vertical lines.
Gaining some shape with just a few strokes.
Squeeze some in.
Here, I exported a screenshot on white, then experimented with a black background. Try it out.

Part 2: Ink

A few of the biggest windows are lit for a hint of life.

Part 3 : Color

Staying neutral.
Still neutral, darker in the back.
Accent colors to draw your eye.

Export Your Work

If you tap a field in Artboard Size, you’ll see more options come up to choose from, or you can enter your own.
The border will turn red when you’ve activated it. Drag it around the canvas to find a good frame.



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