Discovering the Unexpected in Fashion Design

An Interview with Fashion Designer Emily Keller

Emily Keller shares her creative journey in Fashion Design and how she creates knitwear designs on her iPad.

“What keeps me going is the curiosity of combining unexpected elements to create a garment, a look, or a whole collection.”

Emily Keller — I am a knitwear designer. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and studied fashion design, and specialized in knitwear. I worked in Shanghai for 3.5 years and started my own fashion brand while I was there, designing for young Chinese consumers and producing locally in Shanghai. I moved back to New York City and worked on transitioning my business model to something more sustainable than the traditional retail model. Currently, I’m working on launching a new fashion business model.

I also spend a lot of time creating content for my YouTube channel, The Fashion Run-Up. It’s been a great way to stay connected to a community of fashion enthusiasts, share my work, inspire others, and be inspired by viewers’ comments and suggestions. It’s a great casual form of collaboration with people I otherwise wouldn’t have connected with.

I also freelance for a range of fashion clients and do things like hand sketching and pattern-mapping, which I use the Concepts App for.

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