Designing the Astrea Water Bottle

An Interview with Bart Massee

art Massee: I’ve worked as a design consultant for many companies, and while I work full-time now at Hewlett-Packard as Creative Director for the Advanced Design and Strategy team (and previously as Creative Director for Philips Sonicare), in my outside hours I still consult for companies. The astrea bottle was an opportunity that came from HaloSource, an international water technology company.

The General Manager of astrea Hydration, Greg Lafata, met me for coffee and told me they wanted to bring their technology to US consumers to help address the lead crisis that was announced in Flint, Michigan, and found since in over 2000 other areas across the States.

While our water is filtered well at the plant, lead from old pipes under the ground contaminates the water after it’s filtered. High doses of lead decreases cognitive ability in children, causes memory loss, kidney problems and a host of other health issues. They estimate that replacing the millions of lead service lines still in place beneath cities will take 30 billion dollars and decades of work.

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