Creating Timeless Interior Design

An Interview with Anna Aeschbacher

m Anna Aeschbacher, an interior design student at New Design University in St. Pölten, Austria. Currently, I‘m in my second semester of studies for interior design. Originally, I trained as a carpenter and afterward I trained as a drafter specializing in interior design.

I feel like my passion for this work comes from my parents. My father runs a carpentry business and I grew up in a world surrounded by wood and custom-made furniture. As a small child, I already knew I wanted to work in this field. When I worked as an assistant to an interior designer, it became clear that interior design was the direction I wanted to move toward.

For me, interior design is connected strongly with the psychology and personality of the individual. I love to “put myself in the shoes” of many different people, to harmonize with them and construct the best possible concept for each individual. Each concept should really speak to who the person is and what his or her needs and desires are. The space reflects the essence of the individual. In my opinion, good interior design is timeless, or at the very least can be refreshed with a minimum of changes.

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