Creating Innovative Game Experiences: The Making of RedWaterOne

Designer Bart Massee shares his creative development process behind RedWaterOne, an interplanetary drone warfare game to rescue humans from insurgent AI.

“RedWaterOne is entertainment, and it is also a learning curve for understanding what we can do better to make intelligent decisions for our future.”

Bart Massee — I am Bart Massee, Creator of RedWaterOne, and Design Innovator for HP. In my career, I’ve worked as an innovator in both large corporations and startups, from product design (my original field) all the way to digital experiences. My current passions are virtual reality, gaming, and the digital tools needed to build and explore in these areas.

You could say I’ve pivoted from being a product designer toward my big passion — gaming and virtual worlds. I love design innovation and I spend a lot of time bending materials to form beautiful product experiences, but I am also intrigued by virtual worlds, an arena without the limits of traditional manufacturing and a creative space where there are absolutely no boundaries. In gaming, you as a creator are able to build worlds as big as the imagination can grasp. RedWaterOne combines my passion for robotics and Artificial Intelligence in a new mobile gaming experience.

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