Converting Problems into User Experience Workflows

Front End Engineer Aral Tasher shares how he uses wireframing to turn complex applications into smooth UX workflows.

“Wireframes are the first building blocks in determining the visual form that an interface could take on the screen. They are a rough backbone to solidify the strategy, scope and structure of the project that was determined beforehand.”

My name is Aral Tasher, and I’m a Front End Engineer based near Orlando, FL. I’m part of a fully distributed team at Rho AI working on a range of Artificial Intelligence focused projects.

I have a rather unorthodox background, starting with a Bachelors in Software Engineering followed by a Masters in Usable Security and Privacy. Having a technical background and doing research focused on Human-Computer Interaction allowed me to learn skills that have given me a pivotal role in both the early stage and development of products. This is exactly what I do at Rho AI — in short, I help my team bring projects from ideation all the way to a deliverable stage.

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Infinite, flexible sketching for your ideas · iPad & iPhone | Windows 10 | Android & Chrome OS

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Infinite, flexible sketching for your ideas · iPad & iPhone | Windows 10 | Android & Chrome OS

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