Capturing Architectural Vignettes on the iPad Pro

Architect Justin Smith shares his optimal design workflow for his practice.

“The ease of whipping out my iPad to quickly show an idea has transformed the speed in which we can convey our thoughts.”

Hi Justin, it’s great to meet you. Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? What is your background and what do you do? What are your design goals at Vinyet Architecture?

Justin Smith — Nice to meet you as well! I’ve enjoyed trading emails with you and am excited to share a little about myself and my company. My undergrad degree is from Clemson University and after graduating with my Bachelor of Architecture from UNC Charlotte in 2009, I formed Vinyet Architecture as a response to a growing local need for residential design in my hometown of Rock Hill, SC. For the first few years I focused on just residential, doing work throughout the Carolinas, but in 2012 I partnered with a good friend, Myles Alexander, to open offices in Asheville where he is located, and Charleston, because who doesn’t want to be in Charleston!

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Infinite, flexible sketching for your ideas · iPad & iPhone | Windows 10 | Android & Chrome OS

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Infinite, flexible sketching for your ideas · iPad & iPhone | Windows 10 | Android & Chrome OS

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