Backing Up Your Drawings to iCloud

A Concepts for iOS Tutorial

How to back up your most important drawings to iCloud and other apps.

In light of the intense amounts of time, creativity and work you put into your drawings, and since occasional software crashes, device accidents and Life with a capital L happen despite best efforts, it’s invaluable to keep your drawings backed up at all times.

Please note that Concepts does not save drawings to your Concepts account. We are actively working on iCloud sync, which will use iCloud to sync work across devices. Read here for our roadmap. At the same time, backing up your device is super important because syncing is not the same as backing up your drawings.

iCloud Sync mirrors all actions and the most current data across devices, so if you add or delete a drawing on one device, the addition or deletion will update on the second device when the devices sync.

iCloud Back Up creates a complete back up of all device data, which allows you to restore drawings you might have deleted by accident. The upside of iCloud Back Up is that it can automatically save your data for you; the downside is that the only way to restore your drawings is to restore your whole device.

To back up your files, you can use:

iCloud Back Up — automatic or manual via your iPad or iPhone’s device settings

Manual back up of drawings or projects via Files app — connects to iCloud, Adobe Creative Cloud, DropBox, Google Drive and others

Direct manual back up to your preferred cloud app

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