Architectural Design Sketching on the iPad

An Interview with Architect Amin Zakaria

Architect Amin Zakaria shares how sketching with Concepts’ grids and live snap helps his design workflow.

I think experiments in design sketches are supposed to reflect vibrancy, that is why the lines are meant to be rough and show possibilities of ideas.

Amin Zakaria — I finished my postgraduate in architectural study from the University of Technology Malaysia, UTM and am currently working in an architectural firm, DP Architects, in Johor Bahru city. My main focus right now is managing a project that involves coordinating input from all of our consultants and solving some technical issues faced in the design implementation.

Which software and other tools do you prefer for sharing ideas, creating plans and communicating with your clients?

The common software I use on desktop are AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Illustrator and Photoshop. For quick sketches on my PC, I use Illustrator with my Wacom Intuos. It’s a faster way to move from drafting in CAD to sketching mode in digital without wasting so much paper in printing. It’s a great combination since Illustrator works perfectly with vector files from CAD. Plus, it feels more natural to sketch in proportion rather than stick too much time into drafting with a mouse.

That is also a main reason why I use Concepts, and why I would love to do more digital sketching with the iPad. Currently I am using an iPad Mini 5 and Apple stylus. It’s a perfect size to fit into my small bag, easy to travel with and bring for meetings and discussion. It has great performance, is able to handle multiple apps at once, and most of all has long lasting performance.

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