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A Concepts Tutorial for iOS

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he ability to edit your drawings, notes and plans after you’ve drawn them is one of the great reasons we chose to base our sketching app Concepts on vectors instead of pixels.

This flexibility maximizes your creative time. Your sketch becomes an interactive puzzle where you can literally play with the pieces to find the best solution. You can move ideas about with natural hand gestures on the infinite canvas, change what you’ve drawn, and iterate on and perfect your work quickly and efficiently.

You may have worked with other art or design programs where selection is part of the editing process. Here is what Selection looks like in Concepts, and how you can use it to edit every element of your sketch in just a few seconds.

We are moving our tutorials to concepts.app! Please learn about Selection in our updated version of this article here. Thanks!

You make Concepts better. We love talking with you! Chat with us at concepts@tophatch.com, leave your comments and feedback, and share how you use Concepts to sketch, design and create your great ideas. Thanks for your amazing support! — The Concepts Team

Infinite, flexible sketching for your ideas · iPad & iPhone | Windows 10 | Android & Chrome OS

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