An Interview with Architect Sean Gallagher

Architect Sean Gallagher discusses design workflows and strategies for competitive architectural design.

“Our studio, over the years, has developed a strong culture of sketching and debating ideas. We encourage arguing and putting all ideas on the table.”

Sean Gallagher — I am the Director of Sustainable Design at , a 115-person interdisciplinary design studio that integrates architecture, the performing arts and the visual arts.

I am Adjunct Faculty at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, with a research focus on re-evaluating the traditional relationships between public and urban environments to develop new strategies to…

An Interview with Designer Maha Alamri

Designer Maha Alamri shares how emotion creates compelling spaces in art and architecture.

“When I… discovered my passion for architecture and design, it added value to my art skills. I learned how to play with color palettes and create emotions as one would when designing a space.”

Maha Alamri — I am currently a graduate student at the University of Maryland pursuing my Master’s degree in Architecture. I completed my Bachelor’s degree at George Washington University in Interior Architecture and Design. Over the years, I worked at different interior design firms and focused my attention on high-end residential design.


An Interview with Fashion Designer Emily Keller

Emily Keller shares her creative journey in Fashion Design and how she creates knitwear designs on her iPad.

“What keeps me going is the curiosity of combining unexpected elements to create a garment, a look, or a whole collection.”

Emily Keller — I am a knitwear designer. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and studied fashion design, and specialized in knitwear. I worked in Shanghai for 3.5 years and started my own fashion brand while I was there, designing for young Chinese consumers and producing locally in Shanghai. I moved back to New York City and worked on…

An Interview with Major John Webb, U.S. Air Force

Major John Webb of the U.S. Air Force teaches strategic thinking to pilot students with Concepts and his iPad.

“I’ve found that teaching a student how to get to the same answer I have is far more valuable than showing the answer.”

My name is John Webb, and I’m a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. I started my Air Force career through the Texas A&M ROTC program and entered pilot training in 2011. In 2012, I was assigned to fly the KC-10 Extender, an in-flight refueling platform. As a normal progression in the KC-10 career field, young pilot training…

An Interview with Web Designer Charli Marie Prangley

Web Designer Charli Marie Prangley shares why wireframing is the first step in her design process, and why it’s more important to be quick than neat.

Design is such a wonderful mix of art and science, and to me, web design is the perfect embodiment of both of those aspects. You’ve got to be doing deep UX design thinking and problem solving while at the same time creating something that’s beautifully branded.

Charli Marie Prangley: I’m the Marketing Design Lead at — we make email marketing software for creators — and on the side I’ve been making YouTube videos…

An Interview with Freelance Artist Cory Siewert

Freelance artist Cory Siewert shares how he draws Iron Man with digital Copic markers in Concepts.

I tend to draw my creative efforts from things that really inspire me. Anything can do it really — a fun sign, architecture, colors, characters, etc.

Cory Siewert- I grew up in a house full of musical and artistic talent. I can relate to Alain Passard in his quote during his “Chef’s Table France” episode where he says something along the lines of “I had a family where gestures of ‘the hand’ were everywhere.” …

An Interview with Architect Amin Zakaria

Architect Amin Zakaria shares how sketching with Concepts’ grids and live snap helps his design workflow.

I think experiments in design sketches are supposed to reflect vibrancy, that is why the lines are meant to be rough and show possibilities of ideas.

Amin Zakaria — I finished my postgraduate in architectural study from the University of Technology Malaysia, UTM and am currently working in an architectural firm, , in Johor Bahru city. …

A Concepts Tutorial for iOS

Learn how to set up lined paper for note taking and handwriting on your infinite canvas.

A great addition to the infinite canvas for freehand note taking and sketching, Concepts offers an elegant, customizable Lined Paper grid you can use to keep your notes tidy. From narrow rule for maximizing text to wide, elementary-style lines perfect for your child’s handwriting practice, you can keep your note taking in line with your thoughts.

Here is how to set up a personalized style of Lined Paper on your infinite canvas, as well as how to set up an actual paper-sized artboard, export…

A Concepts Tutorial for iOS

Learn how to set up and customize your grids in Concepts.

To help with your visual design work, Concepts 5.8 gives you the ability to customize grids to your own dimensions. You can adjust spacing, divisions, color, opacity and orientation to fit your grid to your project. Concepts also has two new grid underlays — lined paper for note taking (), and triangle grid for 3-dimensional design.

In this tutorial, we’ll share how to choose and activate a grid on your canvas, and how to customize the grid to your workspace.

A Concepts for iOS Tutorial

Learn how to connect your Concepts canvas to external devices and present live with AirPlay.

Presenting in Concepts is easy, it simply works when you connect your device to a secondary source via AirPlay or HDMI cable. You can sketch and discuss live with your work team or classroom, share notes or design plans, or draw live for an audience.

AirPlay supports connecting to an Apple TV, to video conferencing apps like , and to macOS AirPlay apps like .

Once connected, you can choose whether to present your canvas without menus or to mirror the full canvas with controls…

Concepts App

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