An Interview with Jonny Daenen

“Pouring your information into a visual representation has the benefit of making ideas tangible. It motivates people to have a conversation or discussion about it. …

An Interview with Game Developer Bart Massee

“RedWaterOne is entertainment, and it is also a learning curve for understanding what we can do better to make intelligent decisions for our future.”

An Interview with Architect Justin Smith

“The ease of whipping out my iPad to quickly show an idea has transformed the speed in which we can convey our thoughts.”

An Interview with Graphic Designer Franz Escolastico

“All of my clients have different preferences when it comes to their brand…. I always make sure that each one of their designs will be distinct and include their unique goals and visions.”

An Interview with Architect Luis Furushio

“The creative process is a constant exchange of ideas with my clients.”

A Tutorial by Architect Bhupesh Malviya

“One Point Perspective is a type of composition. It can be created through a technical, systematic projection of lines based on a single vanishing point.”

A Visual Guide to Creating a Conservation Story

“What do you want the Earth to be like for yourself, your family and friends… and in the long run, for your kids?”

An Interview with Architect Sean Gallagher

“Our studio, over the years, has developed a strong culture of sketching and debating ideas. We encourage arguing and putting all ideas on the table.”

An Interview with Designer Maha Alamri

“When I… discovered my passion for architecture and design, it added value to my art skills. I learned how to play with color palettes and create emotions as one would when designing a space.”

Concepts App

Infinite, flexible sketching for your ideas · iPad & iPhone | Windows 10 | Android & Chrome OS

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